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I Will Be Forever Grateful!
Before and After 4Ever Fit training I had once been told years ago, by a trainer at another gym, that I would never see less than 200 pounds. That in itself gave me the excuse I needed to do nothing... . Until, that is, I couldn't do "nothing" any longer.

When I first met Mike I was about to turn 33, miserable and morbidly obese. That was November 2010... . I walked into the gym and decided enough was enough; I was at my highest weight ever in my life - 325 pounds. Here it was the Holiday Season again, or for most of us, the "weight gain season" and I was determined to just stay the same that year. We started working out 3 days a week at first, with a drastic change in my eating habits, due to a diet he designed for me, and a motivating push I actually lost weight! I couldn't believe it! Soon enough I moved to 4 days a week and before I knew it I had lost 110 pounds (about 11 months later). My cholesterol dropped over 30 points to normal, I had energy and gained confidence in myself, instead of pounds. Something I once thought was impossible became possible for the first time in my life.

Mike is not only a trainer he is a great friend, supportive and motivating. He doesn't judge you or make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. He listens to you, even when you whine (which I did A LOT). He pushes you further then you ever imagined, more than you could ever push yourself and will give you amazing results. Trust Mike and he will transform your body, your way of thinking and your life. I KNOW I could not have got this far without him and I will be forever grateful.

I still have a ways to go and I will get there... . Mike will see to it!
Thanks for changing my life-Jennifer a.k.a. "Tinkerbell"

Thank you!
Jennifer Strickland

Being Transformed Physically and Emotionally!
I entered a fitness facility prepared to purchase a membership. I had done this countless times in the past and had been unsuccessful in attaining any weight loss goals. I had no intention of purchasing personal training sessions. I walked out having purchased a package of sessions and a vision of how I wish I looked and hoping to finally live a life of happiness that the life of an overweight person had robbed me of.

Beginning training was quite a difficult task for me. There were times that I felt that I could not carry on. However, the support and constant refocusing of Mike Zukowski kept me coming back week after week.

After losing 10 pounds in my first month I felt a “new birth” so to speak. I was being transformed both physically and emotionally. While working with Mike, I felt like I was living again. He knew exactly how to train me and how far to push me. The most motivating of all was that Mike believed in me even when I did not. He really has a way of making you feel like you are worth the change and before you know it, you have transformed. I can now say that I consider Mike one of my best friends. He has not only shared with me the techniques of his expertise but has also helped me to be well on my journey to enjoying life again. This is truly the way everyone should feel. I can honestly say that when you love who you are all of life runs more smoothly. Mike has been pivotal in helping me attain this goal.

I have lost a total of 30 pounds under the direction of Mike Zukowski. With every pound lost, another burden was taken off of my shoulders. I will be forever grateful for the time that Mike has taken with me through this lifelong journey.

Shannon Paulsen

He Listened And Cared!
ln the winter of 2011, I was introduced to Mike from my friend, then a client of Mikes. I was really nervous to meet, and talk to him because I was severely overweight. I weighed 430 pounds and I was at a pretty low point in my life. I had lost my father to heart disease when I was young, and now caring for my Mother as she is in heart failure. I knew I needed help to get healthier, and get my weight under control.

Mike was so approachable. He listened and cared. He knew I needed help, and immediately started me on a diet, and helped me set up a workout plan. I now train with Mike twice a week, he always puts a smile on my face even when I don't think I can, and I never leave the gym feeling that I didn’t work hard to help accomplish my weight loss journey. Mike is one of the most popular trainers at the gym, because he is outgoing, trustworthy, and genuinely wants his clients to succeed. I know I can go to Mike with any questions about my diet, and get help to take my workouts to higher levels.

As of today Mike has helped me lose an amazing 75 pounds. Although, I have a long way to go still, I know Mike will be there to help. Mike works hard for everyone, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to feel better, and help get healthy. I know Mike will succeed in all he does.

Kristin Grau

Best Choice I Ever Made!
My name is Heather, most of my life I have been overweight. I got to a point in my life where I was unhappy and didn't like the way I looked. I joined the gym and started my journey to lose weight. I wasn't getting the results that I wanted and I was just too nervous to work with a trainer. One day I said to myself enough is enough and I talked to Mike. Mike was more than willing to help me. He had a positive attitude and made me feel a little bit better about myself. He put me on a diet and worked with me. Since I started working with Mike, which started 2 years ago I have lost over 70 pounds. Having Mike help me was the best choice that I have ever made. I am very happy how far I have come and I am excited on starting a healthier life.

Heather L. Gaither

Completely Different Person Inside & Out!
Words can't even begin to describe how nervous I was when I walked into Fitness 19 in October, 2009. I was an overweight 23 year old who knew she needed to change her life so that she could actually start living it.

Before I started training, I was embarrassed and nervous about going to the gym. I was scared that people were judging me for how big and out of shape I was. I couldn't even begin to imagine having a personal trainer. What on earth would a personal trainer think of me? I was referred to Michael Zukowski by one of my best friends. She had trained with Mike for a few years and had mentioned what a great trainer he was. I decided that it was finally time to join the gym and hire Mike as my trainer.

As I walked in to my first training session, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, scared, and already out of breath and I hadn't even started working out yet! All I could think to myself was, just make it through this workout and we'll go from there! I was so nervous through the entire workout that I don't think that I said three words. But I will never forget how Mike made me feel. He made me feel at ease and proud of myself for deciding to lose weight. He was full of encouraging words and was pushing me in such a positive way. After the first workout, I was so proud of myself for making it through. I hadn’t been proud of myself in a long time so I knew that Mike was a great trainer right then when I left.

When you are training with Mike, he is constantly coming up with new ideas to help the workouts be exciting. He is great at coming up with customized diet and exercise plans that fit your life. The training is always challenging, but it is so rewarding when you finish a hard workout. Mike is constantly pushing you to be your best, but his attitude and personality makes you want to push yourself. Without Mike, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have lost 70 pounds, and am a completely different person inside and out.

Thank you!
Becca Middlemis

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