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Why Hire a Personal Trainer?
4Ever Fit Why Hire a Personal Trainer?
1.) Results
There is no faster way to get in the best shape of your life than working with a personal trainer. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, learn new exercises, build muscle, or just have more energy, working one-on-one with a great personal trainer who inspires you is the most effective way to get in shape fast.

2.) Motivation
One of the most important things your trainer will do is help motivate you and keep you focused. A great trainer will not only help motivate you, but unlock the motivation inside of you by getting to know you, your personal history, and your frame of reference. Staying motivated and being consistent both with and without your trainer will be critical to achieving your goals quickly and maintaining them. In addition, a trainer will track your progress by measuring you and your abilities, which will ensure that you stay motivated and keep your accomplishments in perspective.

3.) Accountability
For many people, it is hard to workout consistently, and easy to push exercise off their schedule for any excuse. (I am too tired, I have too much work to do, I don’t feel like it, etc). When you have a scheduled appointment you will feel obligated to show up and do the best you can, which is all that matters anyway. In addition, you do not want to lose your hard earned money for canceling last minute. An excellent trainer will make sure you are scheduling solo workouts on your own, and exercising accordingly, to facilitate self-accountability in the client.

4.) Variety
One of the biggest mistakes most people make in the gym is not changing up their routine consistently. Strategic variation is critical for creating continuous cycles of improvement; a novel stimulus must be presented to the body to elicit further adaptations. If you have been running the same distance at the same speed for the last 4 weeks, you are not training your body to change; you are training it to maintain what it already has achieved. A good trainer will help you avoid training plateaus by switching up your program, but also switch things up gradually and intelligently, to avoid introducing any unnecessary risk of injury.

5.) Education
A trainer will educate you about all aspects of fitness, helping broaden your exercise skill set and your ability to safely and effectively train yourself. They will not only teach you proper form, but introduce you to different kinds of exercises and physical activity, allowing you to increase your working knowledge of exercise and fitness, while opening you up to other kinds of training, sports, and activities that you might not have considered.

6.) Safety
Maintaining healthy joint structure and function is critical to staying healthy, increasing your fitness level, and achieving your goals. A good trainer will help you minimize your risk of injury by ensuring your form is excellent, teaching you control, and creating balanced programs that do not cause asymmetries in the body, which often can lead to injury.

7.) Self-Transformation
Exercise is the most powerful tool on the planet for self-transformation. It is impossible to make a lasting and sustainable change in your body without changing your mind and lifestyle. An excellent trainer will help you master exercise, and through exercise, master yourself, allowing you to create a happy, healthy, and satisfying lifestyle.

Success Stories!

I Will Be Forever Grateful!
Before and After 4Ever Fit training I had once been told years ago, by a trainer at another gym, that I would never see less than 200 pounds. That in itself gave me the excuse I needed to do nothing... . Until, that is, I couldn't do "nothing" any longer.

When I first met Mike I was about to turn 33, miserable and morbidly obese. That was November 2010... . I walked into the gym and decided enough was enough; I was at my highest weight ever in my life - 325 pounds. Here it was the Holiday Season again, or for most of us, the "weight gain season" and I was determined to just stay the same that year. We started working out 3 days a week at first, with a drastic change in my eating habits, due to a diet he designed for me, and a motivating push I actually lost weight! I couldn't believe it! Soon enough I moved to 4 days a week and before I knew it I had lost 110 pounds (about 11 months later). My cholesterol dropped over 30 points to normal, I had energy and gained confidence in myself, instead of pounds. Something I once thought was impossible became possible for the first time in my life.

Mike is not only a trainer he is a great friend, supportive and motivating. He doesn't judge you or make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. He listens to you, even when you whine (which I did A LOT). He pushes you further then you ever imagined, more than you could ever push yourself and will give you amazing results. Trust Mike and he will transform your body, your way of thinking and your life. I KNOW I could not have got this far without him and I will be forever grateful.

I still have a ways to go and I will get there... . Mike will see to it!
Thanks for changing my life-Jennifer a.k.a. "Tinkerbell"

Thank you!
Jennifer Strickland

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